Faculty and Staff

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Highly Qualified Instructors

The majority of instructors at University Laboratory School have master’s degrees or doctorates, hold certificates in their fields of expertise, and many are National Board certified and certified student teacher supervisors. Associate teachers are additional elementary level classroom teachers who hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree in education and support daily instruction and assist in providing extension, enrichment, remediation and intervention opportunities for students.

Many ULS instructors have received top local and national awards and honors, including the Presidential Teaching Awards in Math and Science and Louisiana Teacher of the Year.

Our talented, caring group of teachers ensure students achieve personal success, develop strong moral character, and become dynamic citizens through innovative learning experiences. They are proficient in the use of technology in the classrooms and actively participate in professional organizations, attend and present at educational workshops, conferences and seminars and work collaboratively with other schools to improve educational opportunities for all students. The faculty, staff and administration, with the help of associate teachers, student teachers, and service workers, create a model educational environment that serves as a center for educational innovation and research worthy of observation by visitors, student observers (from the College of Human Sciences and Education) and other schools.

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