Donor Impact



The University Laboratory School’s passionate faculty and committed staff strive daily to ensure the education our students receive has the ability to make their dreams, goals and aspirations for the future, no matter how ambitious, a reality. We leave no educational stone unturned – from visual and performing arts to liberal arts; from exposure to innovative technology to discovery through real world science applications; and from global exploration to interactions with local, national and international experts in a variety of disciplines. 

We depend on parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends to invest in our students. Your gift will support the U Fund, which elevates the quality of a ULS education by inspiring excellence and bringing classroom curricula to life.

As a member of the Cub Community, you have a direct impact on turning the skills, talents and abilities obtained here by our students from dreams into reality.

Please visit our Points of Pride to learn how YOUR generosity inspires total effort in every endeavor.

a transformative journey

ULS takes a systematic approach to organizing and overseeing equipment and plant facilities from concept to disposal. Ongoing maintenance and replacement expenses include budgeting for technology, physical facilities, outdoor instructional areas, landscaping needs and the school’s bus fleet for school and extracurricular travel. These assets ensure that the vision of ULS, the ULS Foundation and its donors is continuously and consistently fulfilled, creating a productive, safe, engaging and beautiful environment for the Cub community to learn, play and grow.

creative expression

Arts education is critical to the development of the whole child. It provides opportunities for children to develop skills in written and oral expression, teamwork and critical thinking. In fact, studies show that school children exposed to the arts are often more proficient in reading, writing and math. Because of you, the arts are a core element of our academic curriculum. On a daily basis, students engage with and develop an understanding of both visual and performing arts through painting, sculpture and mixed-media projects, writing and vocal and instrumental music.

innovative thinking

With more than one million more U.S. jobs projected for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics before 2022, STEAM education is vital to our students’ futures and those of the communities they will one day serve. STEAM experiences are geared to provide students with opportunities to learn more about the technological age in which they live, explore interests that may lead to related careers and be exposed to the engineering design process, which can be used in any problem-solving situation. Because of you, our donors, the ULS Foundation is able to provide funding for many of our school's STEAM initiatives.

developing character

Liberal arts allow students to gain an understanding of and appreciation for English, history and foreign language.

English Language Arts (ELA) programs focus on “learning to read and write” in the early years, then shift to “reading and writing to learn.”

Throughout elementary school, our students develop comprehension, problem solving, presentation and rhetorical skills. At the secondary level, students become effective communicators who can justify points of view, consider other perspectives, and formulate and deliver rational decisions through writing and speech. 

Our students learn the fundamentals of French and Spanish simultaneously beginning in kindergarten and throughout elementary school. Middle school students select the language they will continue to study throughout their secondary experience.

Donor support to the University Laboratory School Foundation ensures that our school's liberal arts programs will continue to provide our students with the highest-level communication skills that will translate into success in college and beyond.

a path to success

The Distinguished Speaker Series, funded by the ULS Foundation, recruits nationally recognized speakers to discuss important topics and new ideas that interest and impact parents, students, faculty and staff. Each speaker’s real-world experiences and observations are linked to lessons learned in the classroom, strengthening the depth of the ULS educational experience. The series inspires our students to work hard, to improve daily and to consider different perspectives so that one day soon, they will be the ones making a difference in the world.

expanding the classroom

Curriculum-based travel assistance gives students the opportunity to broaden their world-view by putting domestic and global exploration in reach of students whose families may never be able to afford such experiences. Those who meet certain criteria receive assistance from the ULS Foundation for programs such as the annual seventh grade Washington, D.C., trip and the Panama exchange program. Through travel, students learn and use new languages, discover and understand cultural differences and similarities, see firsthand the cause and effect of historical events, learn more about the Earth’s history and gain independence.

a passion for learning

University Laboratory School faculty members set the pace in developing, implementing and demonstrating exemplary programs and instructional practices across the K-12 spectrum. Supporting our faculty’s aspirations, including cultivating faculty innovation, is a vital responsibility that the ULS Foundation fulfills by funding National Board Certification; extensive training in programs such as Advanced Placement, dual enrollment programs and International Baccalaureate Diploma Training; advanced educational seminars; professional development opportunities and advanced degree opportunities.

The University Laboratory School Athletic Department is committed to providing excellence in every sporting endeavor. Life-long lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, competition and adversity are principle parts of the program. 

The ULS Foundation serves in a supporting role regarding athletic fundraising initiatives.