Instrumental Music


The band program at University Laboratory School spans grades 5 – 12. The ULS music program presents a K-12 curriculum focused on music theory, history, technique and performance.  ULS music instruction centers around National Music Standards as published by the National Association for Music Education (NAME).  These standards emphasize conceptual understanding in areas that reflect the actual processes in which musicians engage.  The standards cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the three artistic processes:  creating, performing and responding. Music is taught through the use of band literature and performance skills.  While performance is emphasized, the class also includes music theory, music appreciation and an exposure to world music through performance.  Students are taught a sequential, instructional program that fosters independent performers, an understanding and vocabulary with which to speak about music, and an appreciation of Western classical tradition, including rock, and an appreciation of music from other cultures. 

5th Grade Band

This band meets twice per week and is an exploration of instrumental music.  Students learn the beginning basics of performance.

Middle School Ensembles

There are three bands offered to middle school students – one for each grade level.  A sequential curriculum builds from the introductory 5th grade program.  Middle School bands present three concerts each year, and the 8th grade band has the opportunity to perform with the high school marching band at one football game.

High School Ensembles

Ensembles offered include:

  • Advance Band/Cub Pride Marching Band

  • Jazz Ensemble

  • Percussion Ensemble

  • Volunteer Pep Band/Basketball Band

  • IB Music

The Cub Pride Band is an active and visible component of the University Laboratory School experience performing at pep rallies, football games and marching in local parades.  The ensemble also has an active concert season primarily in the spring semester.  Students participate in local and state honors ensembles ranging from East Baton Rouge Beginners Honor Band, EBR Honor Bands, Honors Jazz Band, District IV Honor Bands and All State.  These honor groups span grades 5 – 12.Advanced Band has participated in several national events including the Heritage Festival, Festivals at Sea, Music in the Parks, Disney workshops, Holiday Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Champs Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Liberty Bowl and CampingWorld Bowl.