The ULS Admissions Application opens for all grade levels September 1, 2024, and applications for admission will be available online. Kindergarten applications are due October 30, 2024. Applications for 1st - 12th grade will remain open year-round. However, to be considered for first round admission acceptance, applications should be completed by December 31, 2024.  Please visit the Admissions Timeline for additional information.

Report cards are required depending upon the child’s last grade level completed (use the final report card of each year). 

Kindergarten applications should include a progress report or report card only if the child is currently enrolled in kindergarten.  

1st - 2nd Grades: at least one report card required; second is optional.

3rd - 12th Grades: required to upload three most recent end-of-year report cards.

7th - 12th Grades: should upload a transcript if high school credit was earned.

Note: If progress reports/report cards are not yet available, please email a copy to once received.

Personal letters of recommendation are not necessary and are discouraged unless the letters provide additional information that would be considered as per the 17 admission criteria. Letters of recommendation may be emailed to or mailed to: Admissions Coordinator, University Laboratory School, 45 Dalrymple Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70803. The ULS admissions committee will not review the letters but will be provided information from the letters that is directly applicable to the criteria.

All 2025-2026 kindergarten applicants must complete an assessment, to be administered by University Laboratory School in late fall, prior to consideration for admission. Therefore, the deadline for kindergarten applications for the 2025-2026 school year is October 30, 2025.

  • All kindergarten applicants will be notified of admission or non-admission by December 20, 2025. If a student does not accept his/her position, the application committee may select a new student from the pool of applicants.
  • ULS does not maintain a waiting list of applicants.
  • Students entering 5th or 9th grade, who are selected for admission from public, private, home study or out-of-state schools, are required to pass either the LEAP 2025 Test or the State Placement Test prior to enrollment. 
  • Applicants for grades 1-12 will be notified of admission the week of February 10, 2025.  The University Laboratory School remains at capacity year round; therefore, all applications are active in the event an opening becomes available. As such, please ensure your contact information on file remains current with ULS Admissions throughout the application year. Changes should be emailed to
  • Please do not submit more than one application per student.

  • The applications of any student who are not selected shall cease to be current when the next application cycle is opened in September. For your child to be considered in future application processes, please re-apply.

  • The applicant’s parent or legal guardian must electronically sign each application.

Please do not submit more than one application per student.