LSU Lab School Celebrates Top 10 Ranking As A Premier Performing School in the State

By Nicolette Ross

November 13, 2023

Baton Rouge - LSU Lab School has proudly earned a prestigious position among the top 10 performing schools in the state, solidifying its commitment to excellence in education. This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication of the school's administration, faculty, and students to academic success and overall growth.

The Louisiana Department of Education's recent assessment results have placed LSU Lab School in the esteemed company of the state's top educational institutions. This recognition is a testament to the school's unwavering commitment to providing a high-quality learning environment that nurtures the intellectual, social, and emotional development of its students.

LSU Lab School's consistent pursuit of academic excellence is evident in its innovative teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, and a supportive learning environment. The school's faculty and staff work tirelessly to inspire and empower students, fostering a culture of curiosity and a love for learning.

Kevin George, Director of the Lab School, expressed enthusiasm and pride in the school's achievement, stating, "Our team has accepted the challenge of our shared vision to become the top performing school in the state of Louisiana. As we sit on the campus of the flagship university, we cannot accept anything less. This recognition reflects the collaborative efforts of our dedicated educators, engaged students, and supportive community.”
In addition to academic success, LSU Lab School places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, character development, and community involvement. The school's holistic approach to education ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills that will serve them well in the future.

As LSU Lab School celebrates this significant milestone, it looks forward to continuing its mission of providing an exceptional education that prepares students for a lifetime of success. The school remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.

About The University Laboratory School:

Founded in 1915 as the University Demonstration School for the LSU College of Education, University Laboratory School receives operating funds from the state through the Minimum Foundation Program, philanthropic support through the ULS Foundation, as well as tuition.

To maximize potential for student achievement, the LSU Laboratory School aspires to represent the highest standards of effective instructional delivery and assessment and serve as a demonstration school in the Greater Baton Rouge area, the State of Louisiana, and throughout the nation and world. Furthermore, LSU Laboratory School seeks to offer a unique environment conducive to academic research and professional development outreach to other school systems and pre-service teachers.

About CHSE:

The College of Human Sciences & Education (CHSE) is a nationally accredited division of Louisiana State University. The college is comprised of the School of Education, the School of Information Studies, the School of Kinesiology the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development, the School of Social Work, and the University Laboratory School. These combined schools offer 8 undergraduate degree programs, 18 graduate programs, and 7 online graduate degree and/or certificate programs, enrolling more than 1,900 undergraduate and 1,120 graduate students. The College is committed to achieving the highest standards in teaching, research, and service and is committed to improving quality of life across the lifespan.

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