Campus Life

Summer Camps

 First through Fifth Grade Level Summer Camps

Each summer, the University Laboratory School offers elementary academic summer camp experiences for students registered to attend ULS the upcoming fall.  The two-week programs are designed to support students through their grade-level transition by allowing them to become familiar with new routines and expectations through combinations of whole class, small group, and independent activities that are grade-level appropriate, differentiated to meet the needs of all students, fun, and engaging. 

Kindergarten Readiness Camp

Kindergarten readiness summer camp is designed for students entering kindergarten at University Laboratory School.  This camp supports students in their transition to the structure, routines, and expectations of kindergarten using a combination of whole class and small group activities. 

Coaches' Camps at the U 

Each summer, the coaches of University Laboratory school offer private athletic camps such as:
Elementary Football Camp, Middle School Football Camp, Elementary and Middle School Cheer Camp, Baseball Camp, Boys Basketball Camp, Girls Basketball Camp, Strength and Speed Camp, Soccer Camp, Softball Camp, Volleyball Camp.