University Laboratory School tuition for all grades for the 2018-2019 school year is $4,881.03.
Tuition is the same for all grades. There are no cost reductions for multiple children enrolled or for students of LSU employees.

Tuition is payable through the LSU Bursar's Office in Thomas Boyd Hall on the LSU campus. The Bursar’s Office will send registration paperwork to parents upon notification of their child’s acceptance. A parent who is an LSU employee may arrange with the Bursar's Office to have tuition deducted from his/her paycheck. Other payment options are also available.

State Funding

Under the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP), the Louisiana legislature annually adopts a formula to equitably allocate funding for education to school districts as a block grant. University Laboratory School receives an allocation per enrolled student as part of this annual state funding mechanism in addition to the $4881.03 per student in tuition.


Activity/Registration Fee: $200

Lunch Fee per child (optional):

K-5th Grade: $490

6-12th Grade: $535

Parking (for licensed high school drivers): $165

Financial Assistance

Tuition assistance is available to qualified students on a limited basis. Applications for financial assistance are available upon a student’s acceptance.