Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & understanding

Diversity Mission

Louisiana State University Laboratory School believes that diversity of thoughts, practices, and identities is indispensable in preparing students for principled engagement with the world. Through this engagement, students acquire the requisite preparation they need to explore, comprehend, and lead.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Louisiana State University Laboratory School promotes positive engagement with all cultures, ethnicities, races, religions, and sexualities, genders, identities, abilities, economics, and life experiences as an integral part of our educational mission.

All members of the Louisiana State University Laboratory School community shall endeavor to instill and sustain these shared values to maintain a welcoming, inclusive, and affirming community for all who enter and develop an inherent sense of appreciation and justice for all human beings.

Louisiana State University Laboratory School is committed to transforming these beliefs into action through ongoing study, self-reflection, and open dialogue to improve and adapt as we continue to learn.

Elimination of Discrimination

The elimination of discrimination on our campus begins with reporting.   The ULS Cares: Bias, Discrimination, Bullying, and Harassment Reporting  form, process, and follow up procedures were created as a collaborative effort between students, faculty, administration and parents.  The goal was to create a process to ensure comfort for the reporter(s) and an opportunity to  to ensure a reporting.  The response process includes restorative conversations to proactively create a culture of connectivity, ensure accountability, and repair harm.