Applicants will be selected for admission to University Laboratory School by an admission committee consisting of the superintendent and principals of ULS, a representative selected by the superintendent,  a representative of the Dean of the College of Human Sciences & Education and a representative from Louisiana State University selected by the university president.

University Laboratory School generally receives more applications than the school’s enrollment can accommodate.  Although a candidate for admission may successfully meet some/all of the criteria listed above, this does not assure admission.  The decision of the admissions committee is considered final.  Questions about an application may be directed to 

Some preference will be given to applicants whose siblings currently attend University Laboratory School.

No point value will be assigned to factors and there will be no ranking of applicants. To the extent an applicant wishes to share information that relates to one or more of the factors set forth above, such may be done in space provided on the application and/or with a one-page addendum. 

Outside letters of recommendation are not necessary but may be turned in with a completed application.  Principal and teacher recommendations should be sent to the ULS Admissions Office by the student's current school as outlined in the Admissions/Application portion of this website. 

In considering the goal of diversity, the ULS admissions committee is equally interested in race and ethnicity as well as religious diversity, diversity in life experiences and socioeconomic diversity. We at University Laboratory School believe that interaction among students from different backgrounds and with different life experiences enriches the learning environment. Students learn from one another as well as from our faculty. Diverse socioeconomic, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds improve understanding of and appreciation for the differences among individuals and social groups. 

Minimum standards for past performance and discipline may be considered as the admissions committee deems appropriate. Kindergarten students are required to complete a readiness screening prior to final admission and placement. Please see the Admissions/Application portion of this website for further details.

The ULS admissions committee may request an interview or additional information from any applicant. The deliberations of the committee are confidential.

LEAP Tests

Students entering 5th or 9th grade, who are selected for admission from public, private, home study or out-of-state schools, are required to pass either the LEAP 2025 Test or the State Placement Test prior to enrollment. 

Policy of Nondiscrimination 

To assure equal opportunity for all qualified persons in admission to or participation in the programs and activities of the University Lab School, no preference is given to any race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, or disability. University Laboratory School prohibits discrimination against any applicant because of race, creed, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, or disability. Applicants with disabilities must be qualified otherwise for the program they seek to enter, with or without reasonable accommodations, and must be able to perform the essential elements of the program.