Director's First 100-Day Plan

Kevin GeorgeDear University Laboratory School Stakeholders:

I am grateful and humbled for the opportunity to work at University Laboratory School, or as the students are teaching me, U High. Every decision I have made in my career has led me to this place where leading and learning exists at high levels. Working in the shadows of the State Capital while serving at the flagship university is an awesome opportunity that I relish. While I feel I can enhance the organization by bringing my skills and experiences to the position, I am a lifelong learner who embraces the chance to work with a phenomenal staff and community to carry out the mission of the school. My enthusiasm is contagious and my dedication to our students and our team is relentless. All of our decisions will be based on the best interests of students as we model Rotary’s Four-Way Test with our own Two-Way Test which involves two simple questions: How will this affect our students? Is this in the best interest of our students? If we answer in the affirmative to the latter, we will move forward.

Coming into a new position requires a transition and learning period. University Laboratory School is an amazing school with a prestigious history that we must continue to honor. As part of the transition, I will engage with all stakeholders in order to listen and learn about where we are as a school community. With the help of my leadership team, I will gain an understanding of the issues we face and begin to form strategies to address our issues and accentuate our strengths through Stringer’s (2013) look, think and act model. This process will lay the foundation for my tenure as the 13th Director of U High as I begin my first 100 days listening, learning, and leading. We will identify and elevate our points of pride as we seek to set our collective vision for the next decade on Dalrymple Drive.

I am excited to begin this new chapter in ULS’s 107-year history, and I invite you all to join me in continuing the legacy that has been laid before us. Please follow our progress through this webpage. We will provide regular updates and share opportunities for you to get involved and/or provide ideas and feedback.




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