Student Support Services


Student support services enhance academic achievement by addressing barriers to learning. Attention to the needs of the whole child is part of our comprehensive approach to lifelong success.

Academic interventionists provide instructional support services to eligible students. Services include monitoring student progress and working with teachers, students, and parents to develop strategies for addressing academic concerns.

Grades K-2
Ellen Daugherty 

Grades 3-5
Tegan Graham

Grades 6-9
Lillian Carver

Grades 10-12
Shannon Gregoire

I CARE Specialists provide prevention in the areas of substance abuse, violence, crisis response and management. Services include individual, family, and student consultation, small group support, classroom education, and staff/parent trainings.

Grades K-12
Lori Anderson 

School Counselors support the academic, career, and social emotional development of all students. Services include guidance lessons, individual student planning, responsive services, consultation, and referrals to community resources. 

Grades K-5
Alice Hopkins

Grades 6-9
Angela Murray

Grades 10-12
Kristy Gremillion

Speech Language Pathologists support students with communication disorders. Services are provided by LSU graduate students under direct supervision of LSU faculty members.

Grades K-5
Leslie Weidman 
Clinical Instructor- LSU Speech, Language, Hearing Clinic
LSU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

School Nurses ensure that students are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. Services include the treatment of a variety of medical needs including minor illnesses and injuries. 

Grade K-12
Renelda Turner

Brittany Clayton