Elementary School

Focus on Character Development

In addition to providing challenging classroom opportunities that develop academic leaders, the ULS Elementary School faculty is equally dedicated to supporting the social and emotional growth of each child.

Created by our elementary instructors, the ULS “Respect U” program promotes good citizenship and focuses on helping each student learn what it means to be a respectful, kind, considerate and productive member of society. Through this program, students participate in a variety of activities in which they learn to appreciate their own positive qualities and identify potential areas for personal growth. Only after students appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses are they able to appreciate, learn from, help and support others.

For more than 100 years, ULS faculty and staff have successfully educated, guided and provided opportunities for students to evolve into notable community contributors at the local, state, national and international levels.  The ULS Elementary School provides the foundation necessary for that evolution to occur and serves as a warm, inviting and safe place for our students to come back to as they journey towards the transformation into their adult lives.