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Teachers at the University Laboratory School offer a variety of travel opportunities for middle school through after 12th grade. We believe in educating our students to be global citizens with awareness of the international community. International travel serves as real life experience that will continuously influence their lives and education.

Why students should travel:
Discover new cultures
Exploring history, seeing how the locals live and developing a new global perspective is all part of the group travel experience.

Experience the world:
Imagine traveling the world with your friends, shopping at Parisian boutiques, going on a safari, or experiencing the beauty of a new place together. Traveling with old friends and making new ones is part of the fun of traveling abroad, and the memorable adventures you’ll share will last a lifetime.

Discover personal potential:
Maybe it’s being away from the comforts and routine of home, or maybe it’s the excitement of visiting a new country. Whatever it is, international travel will make you feel more self-confident when you return home. You gain invaluable leadership skills, greater global awareness and an international perspective that only comes from traveling abroad.

Have an advantage in college applications:
More colleges and universities are making cultural awareness part of the curriculum, and no matter what your college prospects are, experiencing life abroad can give you the edge you need on college applications!

Enhance career prospects:
It’s never too early to think about your career. The experience may help you determine a career path. Since cultural awareness and respect is always important, you can talk about your international experience to stand out in job interviews.

Current and Future Travel Opportunities

Panama Exchange Program October and March 8th Graders 14 days Jennifer Bevill
Aimee Welch-James
Chile Exchange Program June 2018 High School 21 days Josue Carranza Spring
Romania Exchange Program June 2018 7th and 8th Graders 11 days Dr. Cummins
Mr. Rusciano
Currently Enrolling
Belize May 2018 Class of 2018 8 days Jennifer Bevill
Aimee Welch-James
Currently Enrolling
Galapagos Islands June 2018 Grades 7-10 12 days Dr. Cummins
Mr. Rusciano
Currently Enrolling
Dominican Republic: Service Learning Mardi Gras 2019 8th Graders-Seniors 8 days Jennifer Bevill
Currently Enrolling
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji May 2019 Class of 2019 12 days Jennifer Bevill
Aimee Welch-James

Currently Enrolling

International Service Trip, TBD Mardi Gras 2020 7th Graders- Seniors 8 days Jennifer Bevill Spring 2019
TBD May 2020 Class of 2020 TBD Jennifer Bevill
Aimee Welch-James

Please email the teacher(s) in charge if you have any questions regarding travel opportunities.