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Reader's Advisory

Dear parents, 

Please keep abreast of your child's reading.  You are the best judge of your child's sophistication level.   Librarians rely on reviews to gauge appropriateness.  The opinions of those who review books may not mirror your views.  If the content of a book offends your child or you, please return it to the library.

Online Resources: Electronic Reference Books

World Book Online( from school)

World Book Online(from home)

Brain Pop

The World & I Online

Electronic Reference Books and InfoTrac Databases (from school)


Professional Development Collection

Search Engines for Kids:


Ask for Kids!

Awesome Library for Kids

Educational Web sites:




Learn about Louisiana

Louisiana Facts

Official State Symbols

Second Grade Web Resources


3rd Grade Web Resources

Third Grade: Native American Tribes of Louisiana

Third Rock from the Sun

Third Grade: Mardi Gras Resource

Human Body Systems

Read All About It—Inventors

5th Grade Web Resources

4th Grade Web Resources

Ecosystems Hotlist

Weather Resources

Authors and Illustrators:

Authors and Illustrators On the Web