International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program


What is it?

  • A two-year course of studies with an “external exam” at the end of each course.
  • Six required courses. Some are one-year; most are two-year.
  • Three are Higher Level (HL) and three are Standard Level (SL)
  • High challenge, high interest, thinking-centered classes with wide student choice.
  • Courses are graded on a scaled of 1 – 7; 45 points possible; 24 required for Diploma?
  • Completion of Creativity/Action/Service (CAS) project over two years
  • Original research project called the Extended Essay
  • Theory of Knowledge course

Who can apply?

  • 2.75 GPA and above average test scores
  • recommendation from current teachers
  • Application essay and form

What courses should I take to earn the Diploma?

  • You will take one course from each of the six subject areas.
  • At least three courses must be HL. 1. English HL (2) 2. French SL/HL(2) or Spanish SL/HL(2) 3. History HL(2) 4. Biology HL(2) or Environmental Systems SL(1) or Physics SL(2) 5. Math SL(2) 6. Choose one or two IB electives: Geography SL(1), Economics SL(1), ITGS SL(1),
    Environmental Systems SL(1), Physics SL(2), Visual Arts SL/HL(2), Music SL(1) 7. Theory of Knowledge(1or 2) 8. Study Hall (11th or 12th) or Service, or non-IB elective

Why should I do this?

  • Use your mind!
  • Best possible college preparation: admissions and scholarships
  • International perspective
  • Attending a large state university? Don’t be a one-semester wonder!
  • Attending a selective college? Polish those transcripts with “most rigorous curriculum
  • Advanced course standing
  • Enhanced GPA (A= 5.0), (B= 3.75), (C= 2.5)

What else should my parents and I know?

  • Cost is $775 over two years
  • Acceptance into the Program means a one-semester commitment.
  • Final application deadline is January 31
  • Applications available online or in the school office

Please contact Dr. Altazin at if you have any questions.