International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program


The International Baccalaureate Organization sets costs for participation in the Diploma Programme. These fees are collected by the member schools and forwarded to the IBO. They cover the costs of curriculum design and revision; administration of the program; external moderation of student work done in the school; and the creating, disseminating, and scoring of criterion-referenced examinations which are the focus of the Diploma Programme. Because these activities involve extended advanced planning and lead time, a student’s enrollment in the diploma program is seen as a commitment to complete all required subject examinations and other requirements and therefore student fees are non-refundable.

Diploma Fees*  
Registration Fee


Subject Fees (x 6)

$116.00 x 6 = $696.00



*subject to change

Fees may be paid upon acceptance into the program. Parents may also submit a $125.00 deposit by March 31 of the 10th grade year, with the remainder due in equal installments in September and January of the 11th grade year.

Course Fees

Students who choose to enroll as course students must take IB external exams for all Higher Level (HL) courses and may take IB external exams for SL courses.  SL students are encouraged to make their final decisions by the October 1st deadline to avoid late fees.

IB Certificate Students

Before October 1

Registration Fee (per year) $168.00
Examination Fee (per course) $116.00 (per course)
1st Exam $286 (registration fee + exam fee)
2nd Exam $402
3rd Exam $516
4th Exam $634
5th Exam $750
6th Exam $866

Totals: The cost of a single external examination is $286.00 ($116.00 exam fee + $170.00 registration fee).  Each additional exam will be $116.00.  The registration fee ($170.00) is non-refundable.  If a student drops an IB exam before January 10, the examination fee ($116.00) will be refunded.  If a student drops an exam after January 10, no fees are refunded.