The Dual Enrollment (DE) Program

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When a student initially enrolls in (a) DE course(s), LSU Eunice (LSUE) sends the student a logon ID and password to access the secure areas of the LSUE website.  Lab School students use their LSU logon ID and password to access the secure areas of the LSU website. KEEP Logon IDs and passwords for both universities IN A SAFE PLACE!.....EVERY student will need it to correspond with the universities and request records. Transcript requests must be submitted by the student to the college (either using myLSU or myLSUE) through which the Dual Enrollment course(s) was/were taken. At the end of every semester AFTER FINAL GRADES ARE PUBLISHED, students should request transcripts from LSU Eunice and LSU A&M (or at the very least view and print “unofficial” records using the logon ID and password), review the transcripts for accuracy, and keep updated copies for him/herself.  Contact your classroom teacher and instructor of record immediately if there are any errors.   After high school graduation, you MUST request/send OFFICIAL copies of your LSU A&M, LSU Eunice, and LSU Lab School transcripts to the universities you are interested in attending the next fall.  Failure to do so could jeopardize college enrollment.

Requesting a College Transcript