The Dual Enrollment (DE) Program


The Dual Enrollment (DE) Program affords our students the opportunity to earn a variety of college credits prior to high school graduation.  There are three main objectives at its core. First, is to provide the opportunity for students across the ability spectrum to successfully engage in college courses and meet all expectations they would assume in those traditional college courses. These enactive mastery experiences are significant shapers of personal self-efficacy beliefs and also provide heightened outcome expectancies for students. In combination, these two constructs have been demonstrated to facilitate high levels of personal engagement as well as persistence, two traits clearly linked to academic success (Bandura,1997). 

Secondly, these courses are also offered at minimum expense, fulfilling a second objective of maximizing the exposure of college courses to students and controlling the costs associated with the program. Finally, the courses offer a tangible means for the school to induce instructors to increase their own intellectual capital. Teachers of DE courses meet the minimum academic requirements for their courses, going beyond the course requirements necessary to teach at the high school level. Additionally, teachers of DE courses work closely with university faculty, creating a sense of collegiality which is a significant contributor to high school faculty sense of professionalism.  Introduced and piloted by the Lab School during the 2005-06 school year, this model was used to develop the DE Program now implemented across the state of Louisiana. The DE program is an exceptional opportunity for students who plan to attend a university or college in Louisiana or plan to attend a university or college which accepts LSU transcripts. To be eligible for DE, a student must meet the minimum requirements (ACT composite score of at least 18 and math score of 19) and additional requirements specific to certain courses.  Eligibility requirements for all DE courses will be shared at the meeting.