Admissions Application


Admissions Application
Thank you for your interest in the University Lab School, it is always a pleasure to introduce new families to our program. We have concluded our application process for the 2014-2015 school year. Our next application cycle will begin September 3, 2014 for the 2015-2016 school year. Our classes are currently full and any student attrition that may occur before September will be addressed using the candidate pool already on file.

We wish you the best of luck as you pursue educational opportunities for the upcoming school year and look forward to receiving your application in September.

To Apply

For your convenience, we have listed the required information for applying below. It is important to note that the application link will be available beginning September 3, 2014 and all recommendation forms will be updated at that time.
All of the components of the application listed below must be completed before an applicant can be considered for admission.
Faxed applications cannot be accepted.
Please note that all students entering 5th and 9th grades who are selected for admission (from public or private schools or from outside the state) will be required to pass the LEAP test or acceptable out-of-state equivalent prior to enrollment.
Transfer credits from other schools can only be accepted by schools accredited by the State Department of Education.

Kindergarten | First-Fifth Grades | Sixth-Twelfth Grade


All 2014-2015 kindergarten applicants must complete an assessment prior to consideration for admission.  Therefore, all applications for kindergarten must be submitted before October 3, 2013.
Any application received after October 3, 2013 is not guaranteed consideration.


Acceptance in grades 1-12 is very limited and primarily based on student attrition.  You may apply for grades 1-12 from September 3, 2013 – June 20, 2014.  We encourage you to apply as soon as possible in order to provide the greatest opportunity for consideration.

First-Fifth Grades


Sixth-Twelfth Grades