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At the LSU Laboratory School, we recognize and value the middle school years as a time of transition, with significant cognitive, physical, and social-emotional growth. From sixth to eighth grade, a caring and skilled team of educators guides students toward independence as they develop a love for learning and become members of the Cub Community.

Our Middle School Program is organized into grade level teams and consists of courses in Fine Arts, Mathematics, Physical Education, Reading/Writing Workshop, Science, Social Studies, and World Language. All classes meet daily. Students also participate in a keyboarding course for 3 weeks each year.

We invite you to visit our school and see the outstanding educational opportunities we offer.

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School Profile

Middle School Program of Studies

6th Grade Course Requests - Sample

7th Grade Course Requests - Sample

8th Grade Course Requests - Sample

Secondary Principal
Frank Rusciano

School Counselor
6th – 9th grade
Angela Murray

8th Grade Team Leader
Shannon Gregoire

7th Grade Team Leader
Catherine Cummins

6th Grade Team Leader
Adele Dufrene