About ULS

Mission StatementImage

“Total Effort in Every Endeavor”

The Laboratory School community aspires towards total effort in every endeavor for maximum student achievement through the development, implementation, and demonstration of exemplary programs and instructional practices.

Founded in 1915 as the University Demonstration School for the College of Education, the LSU Laboratory School receives operating funds from the state through the Minimum Foundation Program, philanthropic support through the ULS Foundation, as well as tuition.
The Laboratory School utilizes five key functions in pursuit of its mission:

  1.  provides an exemplary education for its students
  2.  demonstrates a model educational environment
  3.  serves as a center for educational innovation and research
  4.  provides professional development opportunities for the state’s educators
  5.  offers clinical teaching experiences for pre-service teachers

Vision Statement

To maximize potential for student achievement, the LSU Laboratory School aspires to represent the highest standards of effective instructional delivery and assessment and serve as a demonstration school in the Greater Baton Rouge area, the State of Louisiana, and throughout the nation and world.  Furthermore, LSU Laboratory School seeks to offer a unique environment conducive to academic research and professional development outreach to other school systems and pre-service teachers.


The LSU Laboratory School values opportunities for all students and community members to continue to grow and learn through the