About LSU University Laboratory School

School Factsimage

College preparatory public school (K - 12)
Enrollment:  1360  
2013 Graduating Class:  104
Teacher /Student Ratio: 1:23
CEEB Code Number: 190-245
Accreditation:  Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Louisiana Department of Education
Ranked by the State of Louisiana as a 5 Star School

School and Community

The Louisiana State University Laboratory School was established by the College of Education, now known as the College of Human Sciences and Education, of Louisiana State University and has operated under its auspices for nearly 100 years. This coeducational school exists as an independent system to provide training opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers and to serve as a demonstration and educational research center. Since the school is part of the LSU system, students are required to pay tuition. The school is located on the main campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, a center for the petrochemical industry and a major deep-water port. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana with a population of over 600,000.

School of Academic Excellence

University Laboratory School prides itself on the rigorous academic environment that facilitates student achievement.
The Lab School has been recognized as a school of Academic Distinction.
University Lab elementary and middle school students exceed the state average scores in English/Language Arts, math, science, and social studies as measured by the Louisiana Educational Assessment Program.
Grades 3, 6, and 7 average 30% higher than the national average score on the iLEAP.
University Lab high school students are 11.6 % more likely to post an advanced score on the Graduate Exit Exam than the state average.

International Baccalaureate Program

The Lab School is proud to be the first International Baccalaureate Diploma Program school in the state of Louisiana. IB is a model curriculum that stresses creativity, inquiry, service, and internationalism. It is one of the finest college-preparatory curriculum in the world, taught in 2400 schools in 126 countries. Juniors and seniors may choose the complete Diploma Program or individual IB courses along with other college-preparatory classes. 80% of Lab School students take at least one IB course.

State of the Art Technology Program

We are very proud of our technology program. We have approximately 784 computers including 4 wireless mobile laptop carts, which contain 24 computers each. Currently, our computer-to-student ratio is approximately 1 to 1.7. We have an assortment of digital cameras as well as digital video cameras to be used by students and faculty. Our school is networked and everyone is given an e-mail account as well as storage space on our server. Wireless network is available across the Lab School campus.  Our teachers use Blackboard as well as other technological tools and programs to reinforce what is taught in their classes. Our website is created and maintained by students at the Lab School.

Graduate Degreed Instructors

All instructors at the Lab School have master’s degrees or a doctorate, hold certificates in their fields of expertise, and many are National Board certified and certified student teacher supervisors. Many instructors have received top local and national awards and honors, such as the Presidential Teaching Awards in Math and Science and Louisiana Teacher of the Year. They are a talented, caring group of teachers who ensure our students achieve personal success, develop strong moral character, and become dynamic citizens through innovative learning experiences. The faculty, staff and administration, with the help of  associate teachers, student teachers, and service workers, create a model educational environment worthy of observation by visitors, student observers (from LSU College of Education), and other schools. They are proficient in the use of technology in the classrooms and continuously participate in professional development opportunities which enables us to continue to serve as a center for educational innovation and research.